Debbies Book App Reviews

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What a useful app! I don't know why I even download any other app anymore.

Thank You!

Thank you Debbie's Book!


It does what I need when I need it. It even has directions built in as well as a map. Perfect for when in a bind. Props to the peeps that made this!

Great. Very useful. A must have

Love the app. Well thought out with useful tools like customizable lists and the ability to call a vendor at the touch of a button. However, it would be perfect if you could click on the vendor's address and link to Google Maps. Also, it would be great if one was able to change the order of a created list (it would make pick ups and returns easier). Overall, great job and fills a serious void linking vendors and buyers electronically.


I've been kicking and screaming hoping this would happen. The best industry resource in my hands! The tools take a little getting used to but this is what I've been looking for.

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